Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom

Youth is the strength of the Algerian society, but this force has been marginalized since the independence, even though the liberation movement and the eternal revolution were founded by young Algerians who did not exceed the third decade of their lives! The growth of Algeria will not be achieved by the old school mentalities held back by the bureaucracy, which has devastated the country economically; so the first brick I will put in rebuilding the country is the youth power that Algeria has.

Algeria needs the engineer, the doctor, and the teacher… as well as the builder, the scaffolder, and the carpenter… Our country can embrace and can accommodate everyone… The first decision I will make is to get a passport for illegal Algerian immigrants and give them the ability to return to the country or settle their situation in the Diaspora! All the Algerian executives and intellectuals abroad who want to return to Algeria will find all the privileges and facilitations for work and housing, also the government will honor all the expenses for the plan of their return home for good.

“No country without a sophisticated and successful education system”, therefore, our efforts and attention will be in favor of the student and the professor! Teacher’s salary will be the highest and most important salary in the salary scale from the elementary level to the university. Algerian student will be guaranteed a scholarship which will be tailored to students based on criteria ranging from grades to specific special interests and parents income. We will set a database program which allows the student to have a decent living through his/her degree program. Every outstanding student in his/her major will be giving an international scholarship from the Ministry of Education to pursue his/her graduate school worldwide. The budget for education and scientific research will be the highest budget in the country’s financial law. Military service will not be compulsory instead it will be selective service.

The Algerian army will go to professionalism as elsewhere in the world! Vocational learning is the backbone of the national economy because it provides the Algerian institution with a specialized workforce. Therefore, every student who does not want to pursue high school will be transferred to the vocational school. The student will have the necessary assistance and guarantees from the government to be granted access to an internship at government’s companies as well as private companies and have the opportunity work there after the end of his/ her internship period! Sports will be at the heart of the residential project.

A community which practice sports is mental, intellectually and physically strong, so an important budget will be allocated to sports facilities in each municipality according to the population demand where youth will enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which allows everyone to exercise all year long! A school meal will be provided to students at their schools. It will be prepared in accordance with nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. School uniforms will be adopted by Algerian public schools, Mandatory uniform policies in public schools (Embroider the school’s name).

School uniforms make schools safer for students, create a “level playing field” that reduces socioeconomic disparities, and encourage children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes.

All municipalities will receive buses to transport students to their schools! All schools will be securely guarded throughout the day and will prevent strangers from entering schools and campus.

The health system in the country will be revived by the coming back of doctors and specialists who left the country to pursue their career internationally.

The government will provide hospitals and health facilities the necessary equipment to meet the international health standards.

A special budget will be allocated for the construction of hospitals: This budget will be a contribution from the wealthy, entrepreneurs and foreign companies that will privilege taxed as a contribution to hospital projects!

Developed colleges and universities will be established in the southern cities of Algeria: All facilitation and privileges will be granted for university graduates who want to start their career in the south! Establish the headquarter of the ministry of energy and mines in major southern cities and the creation of cities that coop with international standards for the welfare of the population, workers, and students! Development of agriculture in the south, giving all the facilitation and gear to young entrepreneurs who wish to invest in this area!

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No power in the world can stand in the face of an idea that’s a high time for it to come. The formation of our party is first and foremost encouraged by a massive outburst of the Algerian people that began in February 2019 and reached its peak in the beginning of March, the same year. 

Our party will strive by word and deed to change the whole body that govern our country, and set the ground for establishing a nation of justice and law, and build Algeria again but with only Algerians themselves without any sort of discrimination TAHADI party breaks up with a stagnant political system that exists since the Independence Day and will spread hope and positive expectations for the future.