A meal for Every Doctor Un repas pour pour chaque médecin
وجبة لكل طبيب

Dear sisters, dear brothers, As you know, our caregivers are on the front line to fight against the covid-19 virus spread. They are Mobilised and daily fighting over their limits!

Mindful to the significant efforts provided by all the caregivers, we would like to help them together during this battle, by starting “Meals for our doctors” operation.

For the caregivers staff, a delivered meal is a considerable time earned and a concrete support and lot of power saved to hold all those long on-call hours.

For the hospital staff, it should be prepared meals (hot or cold) using fresh products and easy to consume.

You all would have understood, it’s a question to create a strong chain of delivery meals in order to help them, as quickly and as long as possible.

How can you help us? Simple, By making donations on tahadi.org/donation.

We need you now, by giving 10€, you will finance 04 prepared and delivered meals for our caregivers,

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No power in the world can stand in the face of an idea that’s a high time for it to come. The formation of our party is first and foremost encouraged by a massive outburst of the Algerian people that began in February 2019 and reached its peak in the beginning of March, the same year. 

Our party will strive by word and deed to change the whole body that govern our country, and set the ground for establishing a nation of justice and law, and build Algeria again but with only Algerians themselves without any sort of discrimination TAHADI party breaks up with a stagnant political system that exists since the Independence Day and will spread hope and positive expectations for the future.