Coronavirus & containment:

Help to Algerian families in an irregular situation!

The situation of our Algerian compatriots without papers and our students has been strongly affected since the introduction of home confinement in France and find themselves in a chaotic situation without resources and without the possibility of working.

Tahadi has decided to help these families and young students who find themselves in great distress during this difficult period by launching a call for solidarity to help them.

An email address has been created to identify our undocumented Algerian compatriots and we are counting on your generosity to help them during this difficult period with your donations at

Need help? A single address:

You can also reach us every day by phone on 0033183624011

Help an Algerian family during the covid-19 pandemic in Paris 04/01/2021

Happy news from the Algerian family that we visited on May 12, 2020 in Rouen, northern France

TAHADI - Aide alimentaire famille algérienne en difficulté ile de FRANCE 12/04/2021

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Tahadi for Modernity and Democracy

No power in the world can stand in the face of an idea that’s a high time for it to come. The formation of our party is first and foremost encouraged by a massive outburst of the Algerian people that began in February 2019 and reached its peak in the beginning of March, the same year. 

Our party will strive by word and deed to change the whole body that govern our country, and set the ground for establishing a nation of justice and law, and build Algeria again but with only Algerians themselves without any sort of discrimination TAHADI party breaks up with a stagnant political system that exists since the Independence Day and will spread hope and positive expectations for the future.